What could cause hearing loss after an accident?

Posted by Shawn CareyMar 03, 2021

There are many possible injuries you could walk away with after a car accident in New York. You may immediately think of broken bones, internal injuries and brain injuries, but there are some that could have an even more lasting effect on you and that may not be noticeable right away. One such injury is hearing loss. This could occur in many ways and be something that affects your life long after the accident is a distant memory.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association explains that hearing loss may result from an accident where you experience a traumatic brain injury. Any type of head injury really can lead to ear damage that causes loss of hearing. The middle ear has tiny bones that are easily damaged when you are struck in the head. Any damage there will have some effect on your ability to hear. Also, the eardrum is susceptible to damage when you have a head injury.

Another possible cause of hearing loss due to an accident is from the noise of the accident. If it is especially loud, this may lead to hearing loss. However, this is less likely for a few reasons. First, the sound of the accident is not usually loud enough to disrupt hearing. It usually takes something very loud, such as an explosion. Also, this type of hearing loss is usually gradual, so you may not even realize it until way after the accident and therefore not connect it to the accident.

In any case, damage to your ear that results in hearing loss after an accident is something you should watch out for. This information is for education and is not legal advice.