Plan ahead and put yourself in the driver’s seat when winter hits

Posted by Shawn CareyMar 03, 2021

The beginning of the new year brings new goals and resolutions to all looking to make a fresh start. In New York, this winter month also brings sleet, snow and icy road conditions. If you are driving in Grand Island and the surrounding area during cold months, you should take steps to prepare your car for inclement weather.

You may not be able to prevent getting stranded on a winter road or getting involved in a car accident; however, you can limit the impact bone-chilling temperatures have on your passengers.

Prepare for winter weather before you get on the road

1- Winterize your wheels.

Don't let cold and icy conditions catch you unaware on the road. If you have winter tires, consider swapping out your summer tires for winter tires in November. These tires will help your car grip the road's surface in cold temperatures, giving you the extra traction you need.

2-Get a checkup before the chill hits. 

Make sure that your car's systems are ready for colder weather. Consider making an appointment with a mechanic to add antifreeze and top off windshield wiper fluid in addition to changing your oil. You can also ask your mechanic to examine your lights, brakes, heat and defroster for wear and tear.

3-Pack winter provisions. 

Prepare for roadside emergencies in cold weather by packing supplies for your passengers. It is smart to stow a blanket, a flashlight, nonperishable snacks and a first aid kit in an easily accessible place.

It can be tricky to navigate your car on roads slick with black ice or filled with blinding snow. Preparing your car for these hazards will help you feel more confident if you need to face these unfavorable conditions.