At The Carey Firm in New York, we often speak to people who have purchased defective products and suffered injuries as a result. Perhaps you have seen news reports of major brand names recalling thousands or even millions of products because of events that seriously harmed or killed consumers. While you may not be able to identify every product defect risk, there is a government website that lists recalls.

Here are some of the most recent product recalls you will find on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website:

  • Riding lawn mower fire hazard: Certain Excel Industries riding lawn mowers have a wire tie beneath the seat that has the potential to damage the mower’s fuel line, which could start a fire.
  • USB charging cable electric shock and fire hazard: Target warns consumers that the cord has metal around it that could become electrically charged if it comes in contact with the plug prongs while plugged in, which could shock the user or start a fire.
  • Children’s sleepwear burn hazards: Manufacturers must test children’s sleepwear for flammability according to stringent rules set by the federal government. Aegean Apparel and Gildan Activewear have both recalled sleepwear that has not met these standards.
  • Kitchen utensil laceration hazard: Consumers who own a pineapple corer and slicer produced by Far East Brokers could sustain lacerations due to a metal blade that may detach while they are using the product.

In most cases, when manufacturers discover that a product poses a direct threat to consumer safety, they will contact customers directly if possible to warn them of the issue and refund their money. More information about defective product hazards and manufacturer liability is available on our webpage.

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