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Attorney Shawn Carey in front of the courthouseWhen Trials Come, Seek Good Counsel

Life’s trials can come upon any one of us suddenly and without warning, few with more devastating effect than a disabling injury or traumatic death of a spouse or family member. How well we make it through such trials often depends on who we have there to help us get back on our feet and guide us through to the best possible result. To recover from your injuries, you should seek good doctors. To recover fair compensation for what you have lost, you should seek good legal counsel. For more than 20 years, attorney Shawn Carey has been advocating for seriously injured people and victims of wrongful death. He will provide you a free consultation, give you his best advice, and if he takes your case, he will not take a fee unless he has obtained a recovery that you can live with.

Attorney Shawn Carey in front of a BridgeA Bridge to Justice

Grand Island is known for its bridges. Operating from his law office at 1730 Grand Island Boulevard , Attorney Shawn Carey travels these bridges every day seeking justice for his personal injury clients in the courts of Erie and Niagara County. The Carey Firm is the only law firm on Grand Island devoted exclusively to the cause of clients trying to put their lives and livelihoods back together after a serious injury, traumatic disability or wrongful death has rocked their world. Some firm clients are Grand Island residents who enjoy the benefit of meeting with their attorney minutes from their home without having to leave the Island. The majority of The Carey Firm’s clients live throughout the Greater Niagara Region and are referred  to The Carey Firm by former clients and other lawyers familiar with Attorney Carey’s reputation for skilled and compassionate advocacy. All firm clients appreciate the convenient access via the I-190, and the ample free parking, complete with handicapped reserved space and wheelchair access  just outside the firm’s front door.

Attorney Shawn Carey in front of a buildingA Courthouse On The Horizon

Personal injury trial attorney Shawn Carey understands that few people really like the idea of a long, hard-fought lawsuit and would prefer to avoid a courthouse battle. But in representing seriously injured men,  women and children in courtrooms throughout Western New York and across New York State for more than 20 years, Attorney Carey knows from experience that the best and most just recoveries are rarely achieved without a courthouse at least on the horizon, and an attorney who knows not only how to get there, but how to advocate for their client when the attorney gets to court.

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